Sep 22 2014

Article Marketing Advice To Gain Leverage With SEO

One of the best things that you can do to market your business, brand, or website is to work within the confines of article marketing. This relies heavily on the written word and can make or break your influence online. The key here is to create content that is 100% unique and will provide value to the end user. Without doing so, you could end up getting pegged as a spammer or even get harsh penalties as a result of your endeavors. Too often, marketers and small business owners end up losing out on the greater good of this type of traffic generation because they focus on the wrong things or they try to take shortcuts. There are no shortcuts that you can take with this, at least not ones that will have long term positive implications. It’s with that in mind that you should look at a few pieces of seo advice to ensure that you’re able to chase the right elements moving forward.

BlogLook At Your Niche and Determine Topics

You’re most likely not going to be the first person to try and use this type of marketing solution to get working with seo. That’s why you have to look at the niche that you’re in and search out what others have done. If you do that, you will be able to see what is popular and how you can create content that is better. Only you can determine whether or not you can trump existing items, and if you decide that you cannot, then you can always hire someone to help you create that content. The goal here is to ensure that you’re able to move forward with the right solution that will trump competition. Without that, you’ll just be adding more information that people already know about.

Submit Your Articles To A variety of Places

Do not just house your articles on your blog, as this is not going to help you get a global audience. If you want to usurp the traffic of millions of other pages, you will need to submit your work to directories, guest blogging positions and more. Without doing that, you are not going to end up with the right kind of traffic overall. In fact, if you do not put your stuff on a variety of pages, you may end up getting ignored by search engines. That’s the one caveat about this type of work, it can easily look like you’re trying to “game” the system. That’s something that is hard to overcome if you’re putting all your eggs in one basket.

Reach Out To Others

If you’ve exhausted your resources and still have more content that you want to post, then find others in your niche and ask them to become a guest blogger. Guest posts will let you create a major influence overall and will give you the chance to create leverage across several different niches. That’s something that most people don’t really understand today, but it can help you in the long term. The goal that you have in place should be more than just getting hits. If you want to have targeted traffic and higher ranking, then you need to think about this in broader terms and reach out to others. Don’t view everyone like competition, because they aren’t. They can end up becoming your best allies in the world of seo.

The above solutions are just some of the options that you are going to find to be helpful moving forward. Do not just assume that article marketing is a one trick pony, as that’s an easy mistake to make overall. Instead, focus on diversity, content curation and creation and the right titles and topics.